Slide Door Half Open Stopper Cable Clip

About this product

The Slide Door Half Open Stopper Cable Clip (#69499-45010), a key component in Toyota's Rear Door Lock & Handle system, primarily plays the role of holding the slide door in a half-open position. This auto part binds the stopper cable, allowing it to maintain tension and control the movement of the door. Like all parts, the Slide Door Half Open Stopper Cable Clip (#69499-45010) does age with time, leading to possible breakage or malfunction. This could result in an unsecured door posing safety risks. Therefore, periodic replacement is crucial for maintaining optimal door functionality. Genuine Toyota Autoparts, including this clip, are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, this part is critical for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's Rear Door Lock & Handle system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69499-45010

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