Combination Rear Lamp Cover Left Hand

About this product

The Toyota Combination Rear Lamp Cover Left Hand (#75138-60020), a crucial component in the Body Moulding and Body Tool Box & License Plate Bracket systems, provides necessary protection to the vehicle's lighting assembly. It plays an integral role in safeguarding the bulbs from external elements such as dust, debris, and weather, hence maintaining their optimal function. This cover, being a genuine Toyota part, is specifically designed for Toyota models, facilitating seamless compatibility. Additionally, it benefits from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, a Combination Rear Lamp Cover Left Hand (#75138-60020) may become worn, degraded or stained, potentially obstructing light output. This could impede visibility, compromising safety. Therefore, periodic replacement is recommended. A fully functional Combination Rear Lamp Cover Left Hand (#75138-60020) contributes significantly to both the safety and efficiency of the vehicle by ensuring clear and unhindered lighting.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75138-60020

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