Door Lock Control Cushion

About this product

The Door Lock Control Cushion (#69719-30010), a crucial component in both the Body Front Door Lock & Handle and Body Rear Door Lock & Handle systems, primarily serves to mitigate mechanical wear, resist noise and promote smooth operation when locking and unlocking the doors. It's directly involved in the functioning of the door lock system, ensuring smooth interaction between various components. Over time, this part may deteriorate, leading to increased noise, rough door lock operation, and potential system malfunction. The use of genuine Toyota parts helps maintain vehicle compatibility. Genuine parts, like the Door Lock Control Cushion (#69719-30010), are also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Door Lock Control Cushion (#69719-30010) contributes to the safety of the vehicle by ensuring the doors lock and unlock reliably, supporting vehicle security. Remember, to ensure optimal operation and longevity, periodic replacement of this cushion is recommended.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69719-30010

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