Pull Handle

About this product

The Pull Handle (#69285-F4010-C0), a critical Body part in the Armrest & Visor system, is responsible for enabling easy and convenient opening or closing of the vehicle's doors. It interfaces directly with the door latch mechanism, functioning as a lever that, when pulled, actuates the latch to release the door. Without regular checks and replacements, an old or broken Pull Handle (#69285-F4010-C0) can become a safety hazard, possibly rendering the door inoperable in critical situations. Genuine Toyota parts are instrumental in preserving vehicle compatibility, and our Pull Handle (#69285-F4010-C0)s are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Moreover, the Pull Handle (#69285-F4010-C0) enhances the overall efficiency of the Armrest & Visor system by allowing smooth and effortless door operation. It ensures the system operates at peak performance, maintaining the safety and convenience of the car's occupants.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69285-F4010-C0

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