Oil Hose

About this product

The Oil Hose (#90923-02100), a critical Engine-Fuel part in the Vacuum Pump system, plays a pivotal role in transferring oil from the oil pan to the pump. It operates under high temperature and pressure conditions, transferring oil effectively and efficiently to maintain the system's optimal performance. Like any other part, an Oil Hose (#90923-02100) is susceptible to wear and tear, ageing, and eventually, blockage. If not replaced, the hose can fail, inhibiting oil flow and causing potential engine damage. Utilizing genuine Toyota Autoparts, such as our Oil Hose (#90923-02100), ensures supreme compatibility with your vehicle. These genuine parts come with Toyota's warranty, offering peace of mind alongside unbeatable quality. The Oil Hose (#90923-02100)'s proper function ensures the Vacuum Pump system's efficiency and the overall safety of the vehicle's engine operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90923-02100

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