Turbo Oil Inlet Pipe Sub-Assembly

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The Turbo Oil Inlet Pipe Sub-Assembly (#15407-WAA01) is a vital component in the Toyota engine-fuel manifold system. Its primary role is to channel oil into the turbocharger, providing necessary lubrication and cooling for the turbocharger's bearings. Authentic Toyota parts ensure compatibility and longevity, and they are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As the oil flows through the inlet pipe, any potential wear or blockage could impede the flow of oil, which in turn could lead to turbocharger failure. Therefore, it's crucial to periodically replace this part to avoid such issues. In conclusion, the Turbo Oil Inlet Pipe Sub-Assembly (#15407-WAA01) significantly improves the efficiency and safety of the car's engine by maintaining the smooth operation of the turbocharger through efficient oil flow.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 15407-WAA01

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