Door Lock Solenoid Retainer

About this product

The Door Lock Solenoid Retainer (#69315-33030), a critical component within the Rear Door Lock & Handle system of a Toyota vehicle, holds the solenoid in place. The solenoid, when activated, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to trigger the door lock mechanism. The retainer’s primary role is to ensure the solenoid is secure and aligned correctly to allow for efficient locking and unlocking of the vehicle's doors. Over time, the retainer can weaken or become damaged. When this occurs, the solenoid may not sit properly, leading to inadequate performance and potentially compromising the vehicle's security. Replacing a worn retainer is therefore crucial for maintaining the optimum functioning of the door lock system. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Door Lock Solenoid Retainer (#69315-33030), are recommended for compatibility and performance, with the added assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This specific part makes a significant contribution to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle by ensuring the proper functioning of the door lock system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69315-33030

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