Back Door Lock Striker Assembly

About this product

The Back Door Lock Striker Assembly (#69430-52050), a paramount component in the Back Door Lock & Handle system, serves a critical function in the operation of the vehicle's back door. As a part of Toyota Autoparts, compatibility with your vehicle is enhanced with genuine parts. This assembly facilitates the secure locking and unlocking of the back door. It works in tandem with the door latch, the lock cylinder, and door handle to ensure the door can be securely fastened or easily opened. Over time, wear and tear could render this part less effective, making door operation difficult or even leading to a malfunctioning lock system. Periodic replacement is advised. Genuine parts like this are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The efficient functioning of the Back Door Lock Striker Assembly (#69430-52050) contributes significantly to the safety and convenience of the vehicle's operations.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 69430-0D090
Part Number 69430-52050

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