Tarpaulin Assembly

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The Tarpaulin Assembly (#65910-17012-C0), a crucial component within the Convertible Parts system of a vehicle, serves as an integral part of the car's body. Primarily, it forms the convertible top of the car, safeguarding the interior from external elements. As the central body part, it undergoes continual exposure to environmental elements, necessitating frequent checks and potential replacement. A non-functional or worn-out Tarpaulin Assembly (#65910-17012-C0) could expose the interior to damaging factors such as UV radiation, rain, or dust, degrading the overall vehicle's longevity and performance. Genuine Toyota Tarpaulin Assemblies are designed for perfect vehicle compatibility and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Tarpaulin Assembly (#65910-17012-C0) fosters an essential aspect of vehicle safety and efficiency, maintaining the integrity of other systems within the vehicle by providing robust physical protection.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 65910-17011-C0;65910-17010;65910-17010-C0;65910-17021-C0
Part Number 65910-17012-C0
Color_Number 0401E31E72023P05768M6
Color_Name BLACK

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